Gears 3 Developer Doc Details Multiplayer

Epic Games runs down how they're making Gears 3's multiplayer epically awesome for launch.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Epic Games has cut together a new developer documentary full of shaky-camera focusing shots that chronicles the studio’s approach to multiplayer with Gears of War 3. The gist of the video is that Epic wants to make sure the multiplayer component of Gears 3 is the best it can possibly be. There will be no failed launch this time around (in theory), hence the upcoming Gears 3 multiplayer beta that kicks off April 25, or April 18 if you bought a copy of Bulletstorm.

The below dev doc details not only the inclusion of a new “team deathmatch” mode with a unique Gear of War spin on it, but you also get to watch Rod Fergusson, Executive Producer on Gears 3, talk about the joy of impaling someone with a pink lancer. Oh the humiliation and joy it brings!

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