Scott Rosenbaum on the future of V

  Producer Scott Rosenbaum gives a peek in to what season three would look like.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

It’s amazing how revealing show runners can be when they don’t know if they have another season or not. If they’re guaranteed, then it’s all “no spoilers,” but V is on the bubble. At WonderCon, producer Scott Rosenbaum was spoileriffic about the season three we hope to see.


Hobbes will be central to the season premiere:

Scott Rosenbaum: Yeah, absolutely. The arc that I thought was beautiful about him was that he was responsible for killing Joe and then Erica falls in love with him and what happens when she finds out. That’s definitely something that I’m going to continue on in the next season. I sort of said it in the panel that I think one of the first missions she’s going to have is to find Hobbes because he has information that they have to have and they need him alive. I want to watch Erica have to see if she obeys that order or disobeys that order.


The resistance will join project Aries:

Scott Rosenbaum: Definitely. In my mind, Project Aries is the resistance. There’s no version left of the scattershot Fifth Column. The idea is now that Erica and the members of Fifth Column that are still alive will move in and join with Project Aries and Project Aries will be the true resistance to the visitors.


From now on, V will always be as awesome as the season finale:

Scott Rosenbaum: The version of the show that I would’ve done from day one is the finale. That’s who I am as a writer, that’s my voice. I was asked to slow things down tremendously. That was hard for me to do because that’s not my instinct. I did the best I could with it and the good news is there’s no going back now, so if there is a season three, no one can tell me any logical reason [to go back]. I do believe the best days of the show are ahead of it and no one can rationalize not moving in the direction now that the show’s moving in because we’ve already sort of laid down the groundwork for what it will be in season three.


We could see more of John May and other Vs.

Scott Rosenbaum: I’d always planned, in a version where there was a lot more episodes that I could do, that we would see more of him. It’s impossible for me to know because if I’m going to do a flashback episode, I wouldn’t mind seeing Diana back on the V planet or Anna when she was younger and how Anna became who she was. I think that’s a little more resonant now because we’re a whole season away from John May, but given enough episodes, I like the character, I like the actor.


Tyler is dead for real:

Scott Rosenbaum: I will say this and I won’t give any more of this. Tyler’s character is dead because that is something that I needed to move Erica into the next phase. She needs to find out about that. As far as the audience disliking him, I feel bad because I feel partially responsible that I didn’t write an interesting enough version of him. I started after episode four so some of that groundwork was laid down but I like Logan a lot and I think Logan’s really talented as an actor. Unfortunately this one role for him just seemed to grate fans the wrong way. But no, Tyler’s character is 100% dead.


Expect another 13 episodes midseason at best, but V could always be the next Fringe:

Scott Rosenbaum: Probably that’s the most likely, it would be a midseason. The other thing, depending on what ABC picks up, they have a lot of pilots they’re thinking of picking up and there are some holes there. Who knows? Maybe they decide we need a lead in for some of these shows so at least we know we have people watching. It’s really hard to predict because I don't think anybody thought Fringe would get picked up for 22 episodes. A lot of people thought that show was going to get cancelled. There are a bunch of shows that have much higher ratings than that show did that aren’t going to get picked up. Anything can happen, but if I had to bet I would think more likely it’d be midseason.


The things you didn’t like weren’t his fault:

Scott Rosenbaum: Sometimes I get bummed because things that people want are things that were out of my control. I say, “I was going to do that but I couldn’t do it for reason A, B, C or D.” In this day and age with a lot of shows more and more, I think you’re going to see it increasingly happen over the next couple years is audiences are becoming more specific on network TV. The passion and dedication those viewers have can keep a show going.