M. Night Shyamalan Allowed to Direct Sci-Fi Epic with Will & Jaden Smith

At least it's not The Last Airbender 2, right?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Hot off his latest Razzie wins, M. Night Shyamalan wants to direct another film, and it looks like Sony Pictures Entertainment is actually going to let him do it for some reason. The project is currently untitled but used to be called One Thousand A.E., presumably because takes place in the same universe as Titan A.E.

Or perhaps not. Anyway, it tells the story of an estranged father and son who crashland on a harsh, 'abandoned' planet and probably bond or something. We're guessing the twist is that it's Earth. Deadline had the story.

Actually, the real twist is the cast Shyamalan has attracted this time out: Will and Jaden Smith, Hollywood superstars extraordinaire. Will Smith has a great track record with sci-fi (Independence Day, Men in Black, I Am Legend, etc.) and Jaden's coming off a big hit with his remake of The Karate Kid, although we're still ticked off at the lack of karate. The Smiths are generally pretty good at picking out quality material (Seven Pounds notwithstanding), so maybe Shyamalan was visited by a Narf or something… or maybe working with co-writer Gary Whitta (Book of Eli) was just good for him.

Crave Online will be back with more M. Night Shyamalan news, because apparently he's not going anywhere.