Alienware M17X R3

The M17X R3 gaming laptop, is another hit for Alienware.

Shawn Loefflerby Shawn Loeffler

Alienware M17X R3

If you have any concerns about whether or not your PC can handle the specs of Crysis 2, then you need to take a look at the new Alienware M17X R3. This new laptop with support for up to 32GB of RAM from Dell will give you enough power to run Crysis 2 and still have enough left over to do that mountain of dirty laundry in the corner behind you. So go ahead and join the rest of your gaming brethren in the knowledge that Alienware makes just about the best gaming-dedicated systems you’ll ever get your sweaty mitts on.

Among the many features that should entice you to purchase the Alienware M17X R3 (Revision 3) are the optional 3-D capabilities, new processors, and HDMI-in. Plus, like previous generations, the device is hotter than a Minnesotan on a Mexican beach–meaning it’s easy on the eyes.

Offered in Stealth Black or Nebula Red, the M17X sports a full HD wide FHD WLED 120Hz 17-inch display (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). OK, so that’s stunning enough to look at, but add in the optional 3-D support and we’re talking otherworldly. And if you have a 3-D television, you can play your game on that via the Wireless HD, which means uncompressed true HD will be sent from the M17X R3 to your TV. There’s also an HDMI-out option.

However, if the 17-inch Alienware screen will be the best you got (because you’re still hosting an old tube TV from the ‘90s), you can use the HDMI-in port to connect a Blu-ray player, Xbox 360, or PS3 and watch or play on your laptop.

If you’re a serious gamer, then you’re waiting for specs on the graphics and processors. Here are a few of the several GPU options available to you: 1.5GB GDDR5 Nvidia GeForceGTX 460M, the 1GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6870M, and the 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6970M. As far as the processors go, you’re looking at the next-generation i5 and i7 (2820QM, 2720QM, 2630QM) quad-core Sandy Bridge processors with a P67 Intel chipset. From the Sandy Bridge processor you’re going to get extended battery life (in the four-hour range) and better performance.

Around the edges you’ll find connectivity for VGA, HDMI 1.4, a mini-display port, 2 USB 3s, optical audio out, and surround sound along the left side. On the right side, you’ll find a slot-load optical drive (upgradeable to Blu-ray), a media card reader, 2 USBs, a USB and eSATA combo, and HDMI input.

Speakers are provided by Klipsch and are factory tuned.

The Alienware M17X R3 is available now and pricing starts at $1,499.