Oldtube/Newtube Guitar Edition

Two funny youtubers, one established, one not so much... who's your favorite?

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Oldtube/Newtube Guitar Edition

Oldtube/Newtube is back with a comparison of self-posting internet comedy monsters (youtubers) one well established and one just knocking on the door. This week we’re looking at men with guitars. There is just something about the 1 man, 1 guitar dynamic that makes it a staple of comedy stages, music halls, youtube videos, college campus jokes, and posters on every little girl’s bedroom wall.  So lets take a gander at two guys trying for your internet clickable affection with two very different takes of the man guitar dynamic.


Our established player is Mystery Guitar Man, a veritable staple on the interwebs and recently famous enough to write, direct, and star in his own commercial for McDonalds and Coke. That equals a lot of money. He’s well worth a watch, and all his videos are pretty different with a new theme in each. What’s his gimmick? Its not the guitar playing, which he excels at, but instead in clever editing, and visual effects. You won’t believe what this guy does in a video that’s only for youtube. Here is one of my favorites, which got over 2,000,000 views and happens to feature the inspector gadget theme:


That’s pretty entertaining, but not really the best show of his visual manipulation skills. Check out this video (itself with over 2.5 million hits) that shows more what he can do:

Even this doesn’t give you the whole width and breadth of the Mystery Guitar Man (MGM?) experience. So click around on his youtube channel and see more of why he’s so good. Still there are other ways to wow the crowds with your guitar, voice and visual trickery. The newer youtuber uses a tried and true technique: Humor.


Unlike the venerated Mystery Guitar Man our newbie (by comparison) Rhune Kincaid doesn’t have all the advanced video manipulations. Rhune more then makes up for it all with a quick wit, and a gift for playing with a songs pacing and inflection. Both of them aren’t the next big guitar virtuoso of our nation, but Rhune keeps you laughing and pushes himself to the next level. Here is one of his best, a rock ballad to the subtle boob grab that netted him a few tens of thousands of hits at the time of this writing:


Not bad, and certainly it’s a subject we all understand. Check around his page for a video of him performing that song at a huge “Go TOPLESS!” rally in Santa Monica. So at least we know the word is getting out. But for what I think more reflects the skill of Rhune’s guitar skills, here is (in my mind) a better video, but with a lower hit count and a lot younger.


So there you have it; two more youtubers with two very different ways of using a guitar (that sounds dirty…) and markedly different exposure. Check them both out, and see who is more to your taste. Keep it tuned to CraveOnline.com for more contrasting youtubery and the best in humor. Tell me who deserves to be in this article care of @SaxCarr on the magical twitter machine.