Will Tom Hanks and Tim Allen Take a ‘Jungle Cruise?’

Disney to turn yet another amusement park ride into a film with the cast of 'Toy Story.'

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Will Tom Hanks and Tim Allen Take a 'Jungle Cruise?'

Disney isn’t so much trying to capture lightning in a bottle as it is moving the lightning gingerly from one receptacle to the next with Jungle Cruise, a new film based on one of their amusement park rides – you know, kinda like Pirates of the Caribbean – starring Tom Hanks and Tim Allen – you know, kinda like Toy Story. We always down to see Hanks and Allen together on screen, but is Jungle Cruise really the right Disneyland ride to turn into a feature film? Why not Indiana Jones instead?

Deadline reports that Jungle Cruise, long in development at the Mouse House, is safari-ing its way to Hanks and Allen in an attempt to – now bear with us for a moment – make tons of money. The relatively plotless amusement park experience will be adapted by Roger S.H. Schulman, who previously scripted the Disney straight-to-video sequels The Jungle Book 2, Mulan 2 and Bambi 2, and earned an Oscar nomination for co-writing the screenplay to the original Shrek. He’s got an almost completely blank slate to work with: as long as there’s a jungle cruise at some point he’s pretty much golden. Here’s hoping that the film is geared more to Tom Hanks’ oeuvre than Tim Allen’s, since Apollo 13, Road to Perdition and Catch Me If You Can are, at the risk of editorializing, a heck of a lot better movies than Jungle 2 Jungle, Joe Somebody and Wild Hogs. Mad props to Galaxy Quest though.

Crave Online will be back with more Jungle Cruise news as it drastically overcharges for admission.