Kiefer Sutherland Takes Over The Web In ‘The Confession’

The former '24' icon stars with John Hurt in an ambitious new web series debuting later this month.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Kiefer Sutherland Takes Over The Web In 'The Confession'

Last month, Kiefer Sutherland officially signed a deal to star in the upcoming Fox pilot "Touch" from "Heroes" creator Tim Kring. But later this month, Sutherland will get back in touch with his action roots in a new series exclusively made for the web.

"The Confession" is an upcoming 10 episode web series that stars Sutherland as a professional assassin who seeks spiritual guidance from a Catholic priest (John Hurt), who is horrified by the extent of the man’s crimes. Though the spine of the story centers on the theological debate between the two men, several flashback sequences will allow the audience the chance to see Sutherland’s character in action as he takes out his targets.

Sutherland is an executive producer on "The Confession," along with Chris Young and Joseph Gomes from Digital Broadcasting Group and Maura Mandt from Maggie Vision.

“This experience that is ‘The Confession’ has taken everything I have learned over the last 25 years from storytelling to acting and challenged it in a way like no other experience that I’ve had,” wrote Sutherland in a statement released by DBG. “From five to seven minute episodes, to creating a character that I believe is edgy enough to stand out and make an impression in the vast Internet. In short, I’m having a blast.”

"The Confession" was written and directed by Brad Mirman, who is primarily known for writing "The Good Shepherd," "Absolon," "Resurrection" and "Highlander: The Final Dimension."

The first episode will debut on Hulu later this month. In the meantime, check out the behinds the scenes featurette and impressive trailer from "The Confession"!