‘True Blood’ Cast Offers Fourth Season Teasers

During last weekend's Paley Festival panel, Alan Ball and the cast of 'True Blood' bared their fangs on the upcoming season.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

'True Blood' Cast Offers Fourth Season Teasers

Last season on "True Blood," Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) disappeared into fantasyland while her longtime beau, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) was in the fight of his life against the Vampire Queen Sophie-Anne (Evan Rachel Wood) as penance for betraying Sookie. And it looks like the couple won’t be getting back together any time soon in the new season.

[Bill’s] betrayal [of Sookie] is so deep that I don’t think she sees a way back from that,” said Ball at last weekend’s "True Blood" panel at the Paley Fest (via TVLine) “I do think for them to get back together, it’s a journey. It’s not going to happen fast.”

As for Bill’s rival, Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) has his own problems, when he turns up suddenly without any memory of who he is. And presumably after crossing the wrong witch…

"Things are definitely not stable for Eric,” added Skarsgård. “He doesn’t know who he is anymore. He’s very lost.” However, the actor was very coy when asked if Eric’s condition would finally send him into the arms of Sookie as it did in Charlaine Harris’s fourth Sookie Stackhouse novel, "Dead To The World."

Ball also hinted that Eric’s master Godric (Allan Hyde) will return for flashback appearances again, with new guest stars Gary Cole and Fiona Shaw also coming on board. It was also broadly assumed that Denis O’Hare might eventually return as the deranged (and fan favorite) Vampire King, Russel Edgington. Ball admitted that “We specifically made a choice not to kill him,” during last season’s finale. He also made it clear that Russell would seek his revenge on Eric when the time comes.

While several of the other supporting characters may have new romantic entanglements, Ball also joked that the general rule of "True Blood" was “[Characters] can only be happy for one episode."

The fourth season of "True Blood" debuts this summer on HBO.