Fear Itself Strikes The Avengers and The Thunderbolts

The God of Fear comes for two of the Marvel Universe's top teams.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Fear Itself Strikes The Avengers and The Thunderbolts

Continuing its PR onslaught for Fear Itself, Marvel has released an additional three teaser images for the event.

Fear Itself artist Stuart Immonen (New Avengers) drew the first image, which features the big three of The Avengers: Iron Man, Steve Rogers and Thor with the ominous caption "Iron Breaks. Soldiers Fall. Gods Die."

The Avengers Fear Itself

The second image comes from the cover of Avengers Academy #15, with Giant Man facing off against one of "The Worthy." Although the evil individual is blacked out, our guess is that he’s the Absorbing Man, based on the recently released cover of Fear Itself #2.

Avengers Academy #15 cover

“Ever since I started Avengers Academy I’ve looked forward to the kids getting involved in a big event, because this is how superheroes go to war. And war leaves no one unchanged.” said Avengers Academy writer Christos Gage. “Fear Itself is going to have a huge impact on the cast of Avengers Academy… when it’s over, things will have changed forever!”

And the final image features the Thunderbolts, who are about to go up against one of their own: the newly empowered Juggernaut.

Thunderbolts #158

“Not that it’s ever calm and stable in the world of Thunderbolts, but now with Fear Itself we blast into catastrophic,” explains Thunderbolts writer Jeff Parker. “The job of the team just got several times harder– I’d say we’re going to need TWO teams to deal with what happens when one of our people become Worthy”

Marvel also indicated that the Thunderbolts’ headquarters on The Raft will come under attack, potentially freeing all of its dangerous inmates at the worst possible time.

Fear Itself kicks off with Matt Fraction and Stuart Immonen in May, while the tie-in issues of Thunderbolts #158 and Avengers Academy #15 hitting in June.


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