Michelle Rodriguez fights in ‘Battle: Los Angeles’

The 'Lost' and 'Avatar' star talks action.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Michelle Rodriguez fights in 'Battle: Los Angeles'

Michelle Rodriguez wanted to play a character that reflected more of her geeky side. Hollywood wanted her to play another kick-ass chick, so she compromised. In Battle: Los Angeles, she plays a tech sergeant who explains how the alien technology operates. She calls it geeky analysis, so I asked her for some techno-wisdom from the film and real life.


CraveOnline: You call it geeky analysis. Was there any juicy geek talk taken out? 

Michelle Rodriguez: Yeah, there was a lot of geek talk cut out for sure. I had a lot of geek moments cut out of the movie but come on, it’s an action film so you gotta keep people on it. You can’t sit there and explain electromagnetic frequencies to a crowd of people when they just want some action. So I don’t blame them.


CraveOnline: Electromagnetic field was one of them? 

Michelle Rodriguez: Well, as far as the concentrated radio frequencies, I was pissed off about that. Concentrated radio frequencies do not create electromagnetic interference. It’s not going to stop your light bulb from working. It’s not going to create a blackout. A concentration of radio frequencies won’t do that. A concentration of electromagnetic frequencies will. So that’s one big thing, a little faux pas in the movie that pissed me off but I’m living with it.


CraveOnline: Like the computer virus in ID4. Every movie has one. 

Michelle Rodriguez: Wah wah, but it’s all good. We’ll see who catches that on their own.


CraveOnline: I saw you fight Tim League at Fantastic Fest. Did all the training come back? 

Michelle Rodriguez: You know what? I hadn’t actually put on a set of gloves in 10 years so that was gnarly. That was fun. He punched me in the face. That was awesome. I was like dude, that’s so cool. I miss contact sports. I need to get into it more.


CraveOnline: You’re @MRodOfficial. What’s a good way for anyone, celebrities or not, to develop a Twitter following? 

Michelle Rodriguez: I think it’s an organic process. For me, it’s an organic process. I can’t speak for anybody else. Just being hands on and diving into Twittering more often than not. When people feel like you’re interacting with them, they appreciate it. The more pictures you post, the more hits you get and the more love you get from fans. The following grows quicker because they feel like they’re actually in your life and that you’re sharing your life with them so you create and develop a friendship that way. I love it. I love it because I get to talk to them. I get to talk to strangers any time I want. If I want to know how people feel about sex, drugs or life, I can ask them and they will answer honestly. It feels genuine so I love Twitter. For me, it’s what the attraction or appeal was back in the day when I was introduced to chat rooms at Yahoo. I really enjoyed interacting with strangers. For some strange reason, I get off on it.


CraveOnline: With all the @mentions, how can someone get your attention? 

Michelle Rodriguez: Say something heartfelt and I usually respond really well to that.


CraveOnline: Can you read all of them or are there too many? 

Michelle Rodriguez: It’s too many.


CraveOnline: Do you get to vote in the Oscars? 

Michelle Rodriguez: No. What do I look like? I do action movies, dude. Come on, the Oscars are about depth and a little bit of storytelling and politics and all that stuff, all the things that I pretty much haven’t represented yet.


CraveOnline: The movies I love don’t get any awards. 

Michelle Rodriguez: Any love. The movies you like probably, you’re into action and stuff. That’s MTV. MTV, dude. That’s where you put your money.


CraveOnline: How do you power through the fatigue? 

Michelle Rodriguez: Coffee. I’m vegetarian now so I just ordered some really awesome shots. I can’t wait to get them. They help me with my immune system, give me a boost. B12’s really good.


CraveOnline: Do you see the next indie talent, today’s Girlfight, coming up through the ranks? 

Michelle Rodriguez: Wow, that’s a tough call. I really love that Dakota Fanning, man. That girl, she’s good. I hope the future’s like that. I hope if there is a talent out there that really understands how to fondle triggers, it’s that kid. That kid gets it and if the future’s going to look like that, I’d be really proud. I’d be like all right, if tomorrow’s going to look like that, that’s tight. I really like that kid. She’s got something going on behind those eyes. It’s awesome.


CraveOnline: I really loved Fast & Furious. I’m sorry you won’t be in Fast Five. 

Michelle Rodriguez: You know what my biggest appeal to the Fast and Furious series has been? What I love about it so much is that bringing together of all these races. Love that sh*t. I love that about Lost, I love that about Heroes, I love that about Fast and the Furious. It was just part of this introduction to a whole new game plan, a whole new way of making movies. Now Skins is doing it and I just think that’s what we need to be. We need to forget color and we need to just dive in there and tell human stories.


CraveOnline: Or create your own species like Avatar. 

Michelle Rodriguez: Yeah, I know, that was so awesome. Avatar was awesome. To be sentient like that, connected to your planet. That’s how we need to be. That was the metaphor. It was so beautiful.