Dan Jurgens Comes Back To Booster Gold

The time traveling superhero is drawn into Flashpoint by his creator.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Dan Jurgens Comes Back To Booster Gold

For over two decades, Dan Jurgens has continually found his way back to Booster Gold, the publicity hungry hero turned defender of the DCU timeline who Jurgens created back in 1986.

Even in the current Booster Gold series, Jurgens returned as the artist for the first year before taking over the scripting duties as well. Following his departure, Keith Giffen and J.M. Dematteis took over the title as co-writers. But in May, Jurgens will once again be the writer and artist of Booster Gold. And although Booster has slightly matured during the Giffen and Dematteis run, Jurgens has insisted that he’ll still be the same screw up we all know and love.

"[Giffen and Dematteis had] Booster growing up a little bit, and I think that continues something Geoff Johns, Jeff Katz and I started with the book when it first came back," Jurgens told Comic Book Resources. "I think what we’ve certainly implied is that Booster is on a steady course of maturation and just being a little bit more serious about things."

"On the other hand — Batman has a secret identity, and that’s Bruce Wayne," added Jurgens. "Booster Gold’s secret identity is idiotic Booster Gold, and he’s still going to have that aspect to him no matter how much he matures. He’s going to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, make the awkward joke — it’s just who he is. That much won’t change."

Jurgens’ latest adventures with Booster in Time Masters: Vanishing Point also dropped several hints for the Flashpoint miniseries, which will tie-in directly to the events within Booster Gold’s series.

"When we first put together the ‘Time Masters: Vanishing Point’ six-issue series, we absolutely knew that we were going to start off as a search for Bruce Wayne project, then segue into a bit of a set-up project for ‘Flashpoint,’ elaborated Jurgens. "In terms of everything on the board, that’s all pretty well thought out. Each and every one of them points to the ‘Flashpoint’ project, which Booster will be very much a part of, and is going to tell what we think is a rollicking good story through the DCU! If you take a look at that blackboard, hopefully there are enough items of intrigue there to get the appetite whetted a little bit."

Jurgens also dropped some hints about expanding Booster Gold’s roster of villains and the return of the Black Beetle. "One of the reasons we haven’t yet divulged the secret of who the Black Beetle is because we want to continue to build him to that level where he’s identified as a Booster Gold villain before we really get into asking, ‘Why is he Booster’s villain?’"

Booster Gold #44, the first issue of Jurgens’ new run will go on sale May 18.


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