‘Eastbound & Down’ May Only Run Three Seasons

Danny McBride and Jody Hill speculate about the future of Kenny Powers at this year's Paley Festival.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

'Eastbound & Down' May Only Run Three Seasons

HBO’s "Eastbound & Down" may not be a huge hit, but it does have a following. Especially here at Crave Online. But it seems like the show may not have much longer to go.

During last night’s "Eastbound & Down" event at the Paley Festival (via The Futon Critic), Danny McBride and executive producer Jody Hill indicated that they don’t have plans to go beyond the upcoming third season.

“We never really had an interest in turning the show into anything traditional. We approach each season like it’s one long movie," said McBride. "The third season to us has always been the climax of the story that we set out to tell."

McBride and Hill stated that they are still writing the third season, which will see Kenny return to Shelby, N.C., along with April (Katy Mixon), Stevie (Steve Little) and his Mexican wife, Maria (Lisa De Razzo).

Don Johnson guest starred during the second season as Danny, Kenny’s long absent father; which McBride still seemed to be excited about.

"The first day I met him was the day we were doing the scene on the four wheelers," recalled McBride. "He had his shades on the whole time, trying to hide behind them, and in the middle of a scene he took the glasses off and I was like ‘F***, it’s Sonny Crockett!’"

McBride and the writers also mentioned a new website that takes quotes from Charlie Sheen and Kenny Powers and challenges readers to decide which contemptible character actually said them.

And even the people behind Kenny Powers admitted that they have hard time telling which is which.

"Eastbound & Down" season 3 is expected to begin on HBO in early 2012.