This is Madness, This is College Hoops!

The new-look NCAA tournament kicks off this week as fans can watch every game for the first time.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

This is Madness, This is College Hoops!

It is March and that can mean only one thing – St. Patrick’s Day. Well better make that two things then, as the biggest tournament in sports is set to kick off on Tuesday and we, along with most of America, have caught March Madness fever.


The tournament has a slightly different look this year with the addition of three more teams, which now means 68 teams will compete to decide who is the best in college basketball. It will also be the first year that fans will be able to watch their favorite team through each round. Before the season got underway, TBS, TNT and TruTV joined forces with CBS to cover the event, signing a 14-year TV contract worth $10.8 billion. With the addition of the three new networks, all 67 games will be broadcast in the upcoming weeks.


Sunday was the unofficial start of the tournament with the section process and helped decide who would play who in the opening round. The Big East had an astonishing 11 teams make the tournament with Pittsburgh leading the way as the No. 1 seed in the Southeast region. The other top seed in the three other regions were Ohio State, Kansas and Duke but being given that top spot doesn’t guarantee anything as every team has the same goal, which is to play in Houston on April 4.


There were very few surprises amongst the team selections.


One of the biggest shocks came for Georgia, who was given a No. 10 seed, despite not only their 21-11 record but also their two loses to Alabama. On the other end of the spectrum, the biggest snub came to Virginia Tech, who have failed to make the tournament in four straight season. Colorado also suffered the same fate, even though they beat tournament bound Texas, Missouri, and Kansas State


The current favorite to win the entire 2011 NCAA tournament is Ohio State, according to Las Vegas odds. The Buckeyes are currently going off at 7-2, while Duke is second at 5-1. But this is the time of year where anything can happen and all it takes is a hot little run for any team to get a final four berth.


So hurry up, get those brackets filled out, get those remote fingers ready and let the madness begin.


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