Comedy Reviews: LOST MOON RADIO

We take a look at an innovative new sketch troop that's heading toward fame.

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Comedy Reviews: LOST MOON RADIO

Hey comedy lovers!

In my never-ending search to bring you the coolest new comedy brickabrack before anyone else I think I might have found you something well worth your time. Of course if you don’t live in Hollywood, you might have to wait. This innovative sketch show (if you can call it that) called Lost Moon Radio combines (in their own words) “dry sketch comedy with wet rock-and-roll”. In more explicit terms it’s an oft musical sketch show wrapped in a radio show written, at least partially, by crazy people. I know, hard to wrap your head around. Let me just say this, someone if not everyone in this cast is going to be asked onto SNL sometime soon. This is innovative, driven, shockingly good stuff.

I’ve had a chance to see these folks live a few times, and I am really impressed. The inevitability of this breaking into television (at least in some capacity) was apparent. What remains to be seen is how. Alternately as the show is mostly audio it could be the next thing on NPR when the Prairie Home Companion cast becomes entirely too skeletal to keep standing up at the microphones.

Standouts from the cast include Matt McKenna (who wrote on American Dad) and Lauren Flans who combines solid acting with unbelievable rapping skills.

The show centers around a radio program broadcast from one of Jupiter’s moons (Its LOST moon!). The host of the show presents songs and sketches from his collection and interacts with various wacky characters who call in. You really have to see it to believe it, and if your experience is as good as mine you’ll keep coming back.

In a short time this unique show will probably be touring to a city near you, or on television, or both. But until then you’ll have to see them on your next trip to the city of angles. Those local can check out their latest show from March 25th to April 2nd at Café-Club Fais Do-Do. The rest will have to check out their website here: LOST MOON RADIO or watch this little gem they recorded for the interwebs:


Check them out! You might see me in the crowd.