Shoot Many Robots Preview

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Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Shoot Many Robots Preview

We sat down with the Lead Designer of Shoot Many Robots to, totally, shoot many robots. Yes. He was wearing a kilt. And, yes, the kilt was an actual unlock in the game. The general sense of fun and badassery was given off in droves at the Demiurge booth, and that essence translates easily to the content of Shoot Many Robots itself.

The guys at the booth described this game as Borderlands meets Metal Slug on a drinking bender. It’s got the humorous 2D gun battling perspective of Metal Slug, the extensive gun variety of Borderlands and more booze than you can handle. Beer turns into health in dire moments of struggle, so the guy giving us our demo was constantly ordering us to slam our drinks.

This is the apocalypse and you play a boozed up redneck with a gun collection and a working RV. The RV itself serves as the game’s hub; you’ll buy and upgrade guns, stare at the stains splattered all over the wall and select your desired level for battle. In the context of robots destroying the world, the recreational vehicle serves as the perfect jumping off point for our protagonist. And the protoganist was actually described to us as resembling the main character from Zombieland.

Right off the bat it’s worth noting that the controls in this demo were a little convoluted. It’s not that they were bad by any means, they were just thickly layered, a little tough to master and deserving of more than 15 minutes of learning. As we were told, the abilities and unlocks our characters rocked were from much further on in the game. Going off of that, it’s probable that the starting point for the control mechanics is actually quite simple. It’s when they start adding the slide move, jet pack and other shenanigans that life gets unmanageable for the novice.

But, and watch me compensate here, this issue is likely born out of my experience with the title. Given more time playing, I imagine the controls would become much better.


As far as sidescrolling shooters go, Shoot Many Robots packs a ton of personality, a promised variety of robots and interesting boss fights. Fans of the genre will instantly recognize those ingredients as crucial to the games they represent. Any absence on any point is noticeable and works against the overall perception of the game at hand.

Shoot Many Robots is a great step in the right direction. The Demiurge crew were not able to forecast their platform for release or matters regarding pricing. As was explained to us, the team is currently feeling out each option. In fact, we played the game on a 360; but, we were assured that suggested nothing.

The two features that could easily be trophied for Shoot Many Robots are the game’s unique sense of humor and the relentless gameplay. If you’re looking for a classic sidescrolling shooter with both qualities, Shoot Many Robots may be for you.