Whats Happening On the Web This Week – 3.22.11

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Asterios Kokkinosby Asterios Kokkinos

Whats Happening On the Web This Week - 3.22.11

So much happened on the internet this week, I don’t know where to start! Oh wait, yes I do: Charlie Sheen! No wait, that was the guy we were making fun of last week. No, this week’s hottest star is Antoine Dobson, the bed intruder! No wait, that was months ago. Uh…All Your Base?

I kid of course: this week’s big news is Rebecca Black, who’s taken all of our minds off the Zangief Kid, who took our minds off of the Racist UCLA Girl. But who’s next?! Who else will hold our attentions at work?! Maybe one of these clips is the next big thing!

Unaired Issac Asimov Pilot


By some counts, Issac Asimov wrote over five hundred books. He gave us thewords “Robotics,” “Positronic” and “Bennifer” (huge J-Lo fan), so why not give us a complete TV pilot as well?

Clip From New Documentary, “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop”


The title “Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop” refers to his complete inability to not entertain people constantly. Wish I knew what that was like!

10 Goofy Opening Credit Sequences


A few of the ones you’d expect are on here (Punky Brewster), but they dig deep for this article – for example, the above still from “Automan.”

Seinfeld Infographic


Sure it’s been 13 years since it went off the air, but nobody else has filled the void yet. Until then, reports on Seinfeld’s antics will continue!

Murder She Wrote Board Game


In this game, one person plays the murderer and the other 3-5 play Jessica Fletcher. That’s right – FIVE Fletchers! Can you handle the faux-stupidity around the local police of FIVE Jessica Fletchers? I know I can’t!


Speaking of Murder, She Wrote, that’s all she wrote! Before I go, I recently learned that words like “Bennifer,” “Bromance” and “Edutainment” are called Portmanteaus – blends of two words. There, bonus knowledge! Bye now guys, love you guys!