‘DC Nation’ Comes To Cartoon Network

Warner Bros. Animation will produce the new programming block starting in 2012.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

'DC Nation' Comes To Cartoon Network

For years, the mandate at Warner Brothers has been to better utilize the vast character library of DC Comics. And Cartoon Network may have just found a way to do that.

During its upfront event in New York earlier today, Cartoon Network announced "DC Nation," a new on-air and online programming block of DC animation properties that will also consist of behind-the-scenes segments from DC related movies, interstitials, event programming and "an insider look into the world of all things DC."

"DC Nation" will launch in 2012 and its content will be produced by Warner Bros. Animation. However, that’s the extent of what was revealed. It’s not clear if the "DC Nation" will consist of new animated series and shorts or whether it will draw upon the long history of DC related cartoons like "Super Friends" or "Batman: The Animated Series."

Presumably, "DC Nation" will also be used a vehicle to help promote DC’s comics, but it wasn’t stated explicitly how that would be done. Most of DC’s current comic readers tend to skew older than viewers of Cartoon Network. But an organized attempt to reach out to potential young readers could possibly help the sometimes shaky comic book market.

In other DC related announcements, Cartoon Network also released a synopsis for the upcoming "Green Lantern: The Animated Series."

"Based upon the DC Comics super hero, the series is an all-new CG animated action series from Warner Bros.  As Earth’s Green Lantern, Hal Jordan is used to being in dangerous situations—but he’s never faced anything like this!  Set at the farthest reaches of deep space, Hal must face down an invasion from the Red Lantern Corps.  Hal is soon joined by an all-new group of heroes on a mission to protect Guardian Space —and the Green Lantern Corps itself!"

No launch date was given, but "Green Lantern" is expected to premiere later this year to capitalize on the live-action movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan.


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