Geoff Johns To Write New Aquaman Series

The popular comic writer will guide the King of Atlantis later this year.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Geoff Johns To Write New Aquaman Series

After years (even decades) of neglect, Aquaman is making a major comeback.

During last weekend’s MegaCon in Florida, Geoff Johns broke the news that he will be writing a new Aquaman series for DC following the end of Brightest Day. Johns confirmed the news on his twitter account later that night.

“Announced at Megacon: After Brightest Day I’ll be moving over to a new book — Aquaman #1 coming later this year!!”

Johns is arguably the most popular writer currently at DC, in addition to being the driving creative force behind the Green Lantern titles; which are currently among DC’s most popular franchises. More recently, Johns wrote the relaunch of The Flash which is leading into DC’s next big event, Flashpoint.

Although Aquaman is well known as one of the most prominent DC heroes even by fans unfamiliar with comics, the character has had a long standing stigma attached to him, largely because of his inept portrayal in several of the animated DC series from the ’70s and the early ’80s.

In comics, Aquaman’s most popular and critically acclaimed series came in the ’90s from the pen of writer Peter David, who oversaw a radical redesign of the character’s costume and personality.

The last Aquaman ongoing series saw the title character replaced by a younger, similarly powered character who shared the same name before he was unceremoniously killed off. Johns revived the original Aquaman during the Blackest Night crossover and he has used the Sea King as a main character in the Brightest Day miniseries.

DC has yet to officially announce the series themselves or the rest of the creative team, but word might be forthcoming at this weekend’s WonderCon in San Francisco.

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