Batman will Reboot after ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

After Nolan's third film, franchise will restart as a 'Justice League' tie-in.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Batman will Reboot after 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Christopher Nolan’s been saying The Dark Knight Rises will be his last Batman film. Now, it turns out he was serious. Oh Nolan, why? Why so serious? In a recent interview, Warner Bros. executive Jeff Robinov revealed his plans for the future of the lucrative franchise. The good news: Christopher Nolan will still be involved in a producing capacity. The bad news: the world he’s crafted for his Batman franchise will be no more. The series will be completely rebooted in an attempt to tie in to Warner Bros.’ planned Justice League movie. The Los Angeles Times had the scoop.

Like Marvel’s upcoming Avengers, Warner’s Justice League will be closely connected to a series of superhero movies planned by the studio. Superman and Batman, obviously, but also The Flash and Wonder Woman, which Robinov claims will exist independently of David E. Kelley’s upcoming Wonder Woman television series, much like Superman Returns, which had no connection to the television series Smallville which ran during its own release. The Justice League movie is currently scheduled for a 2013 release, meaning we can expect some real news in the near future unless this version suffers the same fate as George Miller’s previous attempt, which fell apart in 2008 due to financial concerns and that oh-so-troublesome writer’s strike.

On one hand it’s nice that Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman will be allowed to end on its own terms, without the risk of future directors sullying the franchise. On the other hand, it’s sad that it has to end at all. God help whoever takes up Nolan’s mantle after he departs. If you think the Spider-Man reboot has fanboys riled, wait’ll you see what happens next.

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