‘Young Hodor’ Actor Releases Piano Ballad ‘Hold The Door’, About Holding The Door


Tom Williamsby Tom Williams

The teenage actor who played Young Hodor on recent episodes of Game Of Thrones has released a piano ballad in honor of his character, and it’s all about, well, holding the door.

As Rolling Stone reports, Sam Coleman, the 19-year-old who portrayed Young Hodor, has paid tribute to Bran Stark’s caretaker in the song, titled (of course) Hold The Door, which was posted to SoundCloud after the fifth episode of GoT‘s sixth season — ‘The Door’ — in which the origin of Hodor’s name is detailed.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead

Hold The Door (below) sees Coleman recount the life of young Hodor, when he was just a stableboy named Wylis. The actor sings about the moment when Bran took over Wylis’ mind and sparked his sole purpose in life.

Over a piano melody, Coleman sings, “But there was one condition / I only had one mission / A simple one, I knew I had to face / When I reached the time and place / Hold the door!”

In the GoT episode ‘The Door’, Wylis is seen screaming the word “Hodor” after he begins to slur the orders of Meera, who asks grown-up Hodor to “hold the door” so that she and Bran can escape a bunch of wights. Catch that exact snippet of the show below, alongside Coleman’s Hold The Door ballad.

Kristian Nairn, the actor who plays Hodor, is also musically talented, having performed extensively as a DJ, including a ‘Rave Of Thrones’ tour of Australia, so let’s just hope he and Coleman collaborate on something amazing one day.

Listen: Sam Coleman – Hold The Door

Feature Image: Game Of Thrones / YouTube