Wu-Tang’s RZA Introduces ‘RZA’s World’ App

Step inside the mind of Bobby Digital!

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

RZA and the Wu-Tang Clan have always thought outside the box when offering fans the chance to immerse themselves deeper into the world of Wu, and now the Clan's primary producer has teamed up with Charisma Apps to deliver a new app: "RZA's World".

IThe RZA's World app is a comprehensive user experience that puts RZA’s catalogue of work at fans' fingertips, as well as exclusive content and even an original approach to the game of chess. Check out the video below, which includes footage of RZA giving users an exclusive look at the app:

With a wealth of original content only accessible through the app, "RZA’s World" has four main components:  

The Sound Track To Your Life – RZA imparts sage advice on various life situations

What’s News – Provides up to date information regarding everything RZA

Vault – Sells exclusive RZA content

3D Chess Chamber – An in-app game of chess that pushes the boundaries of typical chess.

“I wanted something to give me what I would call an electronic footprint,” RZA explained, while introducing his RZA’s World app in a viral video. “It’s something that I can use not only to outlet what I’m doing creatively, but also to give you access to some products of mine, back catalogues…”

The RZA’s World app will include footage from the long lost Bobby Digital movie, a “Soundtrack to Your Life” feature and a multi-level, 3-D chess game. As of now, the app is only available for Apple devices. But if your MacBook, Desktop or desktop is running the Snow Leopard operating system with App Store functionality—or if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPad—feel free to head over to iTunes or the App Store and and purchase RZA’s World for $3.99.