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Danzig Drama Ensues At Fun Fun Fun Fest

Singer tries (unsuccessfully) to incite a riot after his set is cut short due to curfew.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

A little bit Axl Rose, a little bit Cee-Lo: Danzig's triple-play set at this weekend's Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin was truncated last night (Friday) due to the city's curfew. The performance was billed as Danzig Legacy, a semi-reunion between the ex-Misfits and Samhain rocker and token members of such, but when the scheduled 8:15 p.m. start time came and went, trouble began.

Nearly 45 minutes passed before Danzig finally appeared onstage, due to what he allegedly claimed it was too cold and he had a cough. The promoters are alleging that Glenn demanded vitamins, French onion soup and a Wendy's chicken sandwich, and insisted on having stage heaters and an on-site doctor before performing. 

The delayed set began to run its course (which was intended to consist of over 30 songs), but at 10 p.m, with only two Misfits songs performed ("Death Comes Ripping" and "Vampira"), Auditorium Shores adhered to rules dictating that the music be cut off. Danzig took aim at the Fun Fun Fun Fest organizers, attempting to incite the crowd: "I guess they've never heard of a thing called a riot before."

After his mic was cut, Danzig taunted disappointed concertgoers who were booing before storming offstage. Fans stuck around for several minutes, throwing items at the stage in protest:

Throngs of fans took to Facebook and Twitter to air their grievances with the pint-size rocker for his behavior.

Danzig's performance was a sour final impression on a fantastic first day at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011. We've got two more days lined up, with acts ranging from M83 and Major Lazer to Henry Rollins and Slayer! Stay tuned for our full weekend review.

Photos: Johnny Firecloud