Full Stream: Listen To Fleet Foxes’ New Alum ‘Helplessness Blues’

Wrap your ears around a full-album stream of the folk-beauty heroes' hard-fought latest release.  

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


The new Fleet Foxes album has been a long time coming, after seemingly endless touring and a recording process that found the band at odds with their own creative drive. The end result is a gorgeous revival of spirit, and we've got the entire thing for listening a full week before release.


Get acquainted with Helplessness Blues via a complete album stream from NPR:


Helplessness Blues is out 5/3 via Sub Pop/Bella Union. Pre-order over at the band's official site

The making of Helplessness Blues was a massively tedious process for the band, who found themselves unhappy with the original recordings. Several re-recorded tracks resulted, as well as multiple attempts at mixing the record. 


"There are so many considerations to make when you are making a record," frontman Robin Pecknold said in an interview with Stereogum. "You just want to make the best thing that you can, you know? You want it to be a good song, but it can't be too much like anything else you've already done. And you can't help but think about the landscape that this music is going to be received in, which also affects your creative process."


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