Prodigy Discusses Ending Beef With Nas, New Collaborations

It's all new horizons for the man from Mobb Deep...  

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud


Change is coming fast and furious after Mobb Deep's own Prodigy was released from jail following a three-year sentence. After recently ending his longtime fued with Nas, the revitalized rapper has indicated that there's several collaboration tracks fans can look forward to. 


Prodigy teased the news and explained the motivation behind squashing the Nas beef to Complex magazine:


"We had a real long, interesting conversation about the future and how we want to move forward with our music, just everything like that. But mostly about how we need to put our little bullsh*t aside, and how our music is more important than any of that bullsh*t that we were going through. Right away, we sent him the song 'Dog Sh*t' that we had did, and he got on it, and it's coming out crazy. We did a couple of other songs with him that we haven't put out yet." 


The rapper also described the obligation he felt to bury hatchets and get back in the studio with Nas:


"He was actually on tour with Ky-Mani Marley, so we sent it through the email. We did a couple other joints. Because you know, back when we were coming up, The Infamous and our early albums, that was what we did. We recorded songs with the home team, and Nas was part of the home team. It was only right that we bring that feeling back. You can never go back to a time and try to recreate that sound because that time is done. But you can bring some of the feeling and that nostalgia back by reminding people what n*ggas was about, and how n*ggas is a team. That's what we did, and it's coming out crazy man."


Earlier this month, Prodigy and Nas dropped their newest collaboration, "Dog Sh*t," produced by The Alchemist and Havoc. The dark jam features piano keys over impending-doom bass drones – here's a sample lyric from the chorus: "Dog sh*t, I sh*t you not/ You bring that larceny, danger, or harm around me?/ Dog sh*t, listen to me good/ We the grand goons, just a lick of nickel dime hood"…


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