iPad 2: A New Frontier For Musicians

With a slew of new features including GarageBand, the iPad serves as a micro-studio for music-makers.

Johnny Firecloudby Johnny Firecloud

iPad 2: A New Frontier For Musicians

Last week Apple introduced the iPad 2, an updated version of its market-dominating multitouch computer that features a thinner design, Apple’s new dual-core A5 processor, two cameras and 10 hours of battery life.


In addition to a wide selection of other new features, Apple also introduced two new iPad apps (iMovie and GarageBand) that introduces a revolutionary idea: a set of headphones and an iPad is the new micro-studio.


The iPad version of GarageBand will have the following functionality:


8 track recording and mixing


Guitar Amps and Effects


250 bundled loops


Compatible with the mac version


Touch Instruments (Grand Piano, Organ, Guitars, Drums and bass).


Additionally, the built in drums appear as a full drum kit would from the drummers point of perspective. A user taps the drums to play, on a virtual kit that responds to different hit locations, like a real drum kit would. Similarly, guitars can be played by "strumming" – or sliding your finger across – the screen.


The selection of instruments is impressive, and the built in accelerometer to mimic velocity is fantastic. The harder you tap, the louder it plays! Simple octave navigation tools and even sustain controls confirm the thoroughly resourceful approach in development. Apple appears devoted to making the iPad a viable music platform.


This was, of course, assisted in no small part by Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn’s proclamation that he recorded the group’s latest album, The Fall, almost entirely on an iPad. Check out our review of the album.


The future of music is waiting to be written – by you!