Cee-Lo & Ting Tings Face Off at Red Bull Soundclash Event

Las Vegas hosted two superstar talents in a unique musical challenge.

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Cee-Lo & Ting Tings Face Off at Red Bull Soundclash Event


This past weekend in Las Vegas, an action-packed Spring Break event rocked the real city that never sleeps, including the Red Bull Soundclash showcase featuring Grammy Award winner CeeLo Green and The Ting Tings.


Taking place at the MGM Resorts International property on Las Vegas Blvd, the epic night featured the two sizzling talents collaborating to create a once-in-a-lifetime musical fusion performance in front of 6,000 Spring Breakers. Their back-and-forth collaborative performance was a “musical conversation” between the two bands, as CeeLo and The Ting Tings performed various musical challenges, both rehearsed and improvised, showcasing their musical abilities. 


This exercise in musicianship gave the audience an opportunity to get a more intimate musical experience than through a regular tour-based performance.  Red Bull Soundclash’s experimental format included the following (and yes, this really happened!):


Round 1 – The Warm Up: Each artist performed three songs of their original material to start the show.  CeeLo performed “Lady Killer,” “Bright Lights” and the Gnarls Barkley smash “Crazy.”  The Ting Tings then followed with songs “Keep Your Head,” “Hit Me Down Sonny” and “Shut Up and Let Me Go.”


Round 2– The Cover: The second round featured both bands covering the same song with their own personal style; the crowd was treated to each band’s unique spin on The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”  CeeLo delivered a faithful rendition of the classic song, adding tinges of gospel influence.  The Ting Tings teased the crowd with a stripped down bass-heavy version before exploding into a high energy finale.


Round 3 – The Takeover: This innovative round showcased a true collaboration between the two bands.  Each was tasked with seamlessly finishing the second half of a song started by the opposing band, and thereby making it their own.  CeeLo’s performance of Gnarls Barkley’s “Run” kicked off the round which was followed by The Ting Tings’ “Fruit Machine.”  CeeLo continued with another Gnarls Barkley song “Smiley Faces,” and finally the round finished off with The Ting Tings’ “Be the One.”


Round 4 – The Clash: The fourth round highlighted the artists’ musical versatility by charging them with performing their songs in three different styles outside their usual repertoire.  The styles included reggae, acoustic and rock/metal.


Round 5 – The Wildcard: In the fifth round, the bands invited a special guests to perform with them on stage. The Ting Tings tapped The King himself – Elvis Presley (impersonator) to help with their hit single “That’s Not My Name.”  CeeLo invited Khujo, T-Mo and Big Gipp to reunite Goodie Mob for a performance of “Get Rich to This.”


The night ended on a high note with the two groups on one stage performing the grand finale, a collaborative rendition of CeeLo’s hit “Fu*k You.”  The audience left knowing that they had witnessed a musical showcase unlike anything they had seen or heard before.  In partnership with the MGM Resorts International, music lovers were treated to a series of official Red Bull Soundclash pre-parties.  Studio 54 played host to the official Red Bull Soundclash after party featuring performances by The Glitch Mob and DJ Mick Boogie.


Up next, Red Bull Soundclash heads to spring break hotspot South Padre Island, Texas where Snoop Dogg and Ghostland Observatory will perform together on March 17, 2011!  Tickets for this event are available at www.redbullusa.com/soundclash.

Photo Credit: Zach Cordner & Marv Watson, Red Bull Photofiles