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Man Caught Trying To Smuggle Drugs Into Music Festival By Smearing Them With Vegemite

Definitely not a happy little Vegemite.

Emmy Mackby Emmy Mack

A French man has tasted the yeasty tang of justice after he was allegedly caught trying to smuggle Vegemite-smeared drugs into Melbourne’s Electric Parade festival.

As Yahoo reports, 22-year-old Romain Franche now faces deportation, with police alleging he coated several bags filled with $3K worth of MDMA, acid, ketamine, ecstasy, hashish and cocaine in the protein-rich Aussie sandwich spread, in an attempt to throw sniffer dogs off the scent.

Franche, who’d been working in Melbourne as a Yarra River gondolier and French vintage furniture salesman while studying at a local business school, has been convicted and fined $4K for drug possession, and could now be deported back to his homeland for the crime.

Needless to say, he’s definitely not a happy little Vegemite.


Police have cast doubt over the future of the Electric Parade festival, after dozens of people overdosed at the Melbourne leg of the event last weekend.