Breaking News | Have We Been Daft Punk’d Again?

Mysterious new YouTube clip gives clues and coordinates to a worldwide tour in 2017.

Patrick Greenby Patrick Green
Photo: Michael Kovac (Getty Images)

To tour or not to tour, that is the question that Daft Punk fans say when rumors of the French DJ duo hitting the road appear online.

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In what seems like a regular occurrence, a new YouTube clip titled “ALIVE 2017” has appeared online, sparking a mystery box of ideas of what it could mean.

The video features the Alive2007 logo (diehards claim the Grammy winners would never recycle a logo) behind some random crowd noise, but the real clue (or troll move) are the random numbers in the video caption, which some internet detectives claim to be GPS co-ordinates for concert locations. See it all for yourself below.
Regardless, you can still listen to new music from the French robots who collaborated with the Weeknd on two new songs.