Ranking The 12 Most Addictive Shows Running On Netflix In 2018

Binging is the new self-control.

Matt Branhamby Matt Branham
Photo: Netflix

While it may be a brand new year, it’s the same old binge-hungry dance we’ll do in 2018. Thankfully, there’s a long list of some of the most addictive shows running on Netflix right now, and we’re ranking them just to show you that you’re not crazy for binging them all to death.

While we’re excited for the return of heavy hitters like Stranger Things and Master of None on down the road, right now we’ve got new seasons from our favorite anthology shows, Easy and Black Mirror. And to boot, we’ve got a handful of newcomers that are earning their way into our addictive psyche, including Godless and The End of the Fucking World. All we have to do now is quit our job, break up with our girlfriend and find somebody to watch our cats for the next 12 months, but after that, it’ll be back to normal, promise.

Watch as we rank the most addictive, binge-worthy shows running on Netflix. If that’s not enough, maybe you should get yourself a hobby this year, like learning to read actual, physical books.

Ranking The 12 Most Addictive Shows Running On Netflix In 2018

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