Today’s Funny Photos 1-9-18

We deserve an award for these funnies.

Bryan Brunatiby Bryan Brunati

Now that the arctic blast is leaving most places, maybe we can get back to have some relativity normal weather — at least the type of weather that doesn’t force you to wear eight layers. But while you’re praying for summer weather your “please bring me funnies” prayers have been answered. You’re welcome. That’s right, kids, a new batch of Funny Photos is here for you all. So if you need a good laugh after a brutally cold last couple of days well you know you can count on Mandatory to bring on the laughs! So have at it, folks, it’s time once again to laugh it up!

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Today’s Funny Photos 1-9-18




That’s one nice barber. Not a nice barber? This guy right here: Barber Arrested After Giving Dude Awful ‘Three Stooges’ Haircut



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