The Week’s Funniest GIFs 4-20-17

These GIFs are the topsiest of turvy.

Cory Dudakby Cory Dudak

The date 4/20 only comes around once a year, so we wanted to do something special for the occasion. Sure, these are just your regular old Funny GIFs to the untrained (or unblazed) eye, but we tried really hard to keep stoners in mind for this one. Hopefully they’ll be especially entertaining for such a mindset.

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The Week’s Funniest GIFs 4-20-17

GIFs 4-20-17

Is this really happening right now?
I wonder what would happen if I tried a move like this.
Yep, that seems about right.
GIFs 4-20-17
This dog is doing an awful job pretending to be a cat.
Computer: enhance the image.
Perfectly reasonable response time.
I’ve heard of getting the munchies, but damn, kid!
GIFs 4-20-17
Now that’s more like it.
It’s quality programming like this that they just don’t make anymore.
However, “Deal With It” GIFs only get better and better.
Who needs supplies when you’ve got just a golf club?
GIFs 4-20-17
In 13 seconds, you’ll be transported back to reality.

Maybe we tried too hard to be 4/20 friendly. Why don’t you compare this week’s batch to our last round of hilarious GIFs and decide for yourself.