Republic of Doyle Book Is A Big Hit

"Republic of Doyle: The Definitive Guide to Doyle" covers first two seasons.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

"Republic of Doyle: The Definitive Guide to Doyle" is a recently released book about the first two seasons of the Canadian-born show "Republic of Doyle," and cast members as well as the creative team behind the program participated in a meet-and-greet with fans this past Monday.

"It's everything that you need to know about the first 25 episodes of the show. And it's got a little extra stuff in there too. It's got a couple of, I would say, feature articles, an interview with Alan Doyle about the theme song," said Mike Mouland, a graphic artist who helped compile the book with Kerri MacDonald, to CBC News. Executive producer and one of the stars of the show, Allan Hawco, added, "The boys brought in the book and I almost started to cry at how awesome it was and what a great job that Mike and Kerri did as a celebration of a show that is really special to us."

Fans showed up in droves on Monday to meet with members of the cast and crew, armed with their books.

"Republic of Doyle" follows Private Eye Jake Doyle as he continues solving cases, dodging punches, and chasing criminals through the hilly, colourful streets of seaside St. John’s. Hawco stars as the charming and irreverent detective who struggles daily to navigate the complications of running the family P.I. business while keeping his very tangly private life in check. Debuting in 2009, the second season of the show recently came out on DVD and now the third season of "Republic of Doyle" will begin airing on CBC in January.

You can find the book "Republic of Doyle: The Definitive Guide to Doyle" at the CBC Shop online.