Brendan Fraser IS William Tell!

History's most irresponsible father gets the Hollywood treatment.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Brendan Fraser's turned into one of those 'family' stars, like Martin Lawrence or Ice Cube, who tends to make movies about funny animals or getting trapped at the center of the earth with his kids. Now that tradition will continue in a very creepy way with William Tell: 3D, a curiously named film which implies that the actual story is called '3D' and that it is but one of famed marksman's adventures. 

William Tell is best known as the guy who shot an arrow at his own son's face. Oh sure, he was trying to hit the apple on his head, but these days that sort of thing would get you arrested and publicly ostracized for your flagrant disregard for your child's safety. Oh, how times have changed. Of course, William Tell was actually forced to make the shot by a total douche of a monarch named Hermann Gessler, but come on… You're not going to win points for bowing to peer pressure.

In all seriousness, William Tell is an interesting historical figure whose defiance of Gessler led to an uprising that founded the nation of Switzerland. Anna Paquin's set to play Tell's wife, and Doctor Who director Nick Hurran is attached to direct the film, which begins shooting (arrows) in the fall.

Crave Online will return with more William Tell news as soon as we look up the number to Child Services.