Your Highness – Danny McBride and James Franco

McBride and Franco meet again, in the middle ages.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Your Highness

Your Highness takes Danny McBride’s brand of angry foul mouthed humor back to the middle ages. In Medieval times, he plays Prince Thaddeus, the slacker loser brother to Prince Fabius (James Franco). The two on-screen brothers gave a press conference for the film, where I got to ask my burning questions.
CraveOnline: In your historical research, did you find that the mullet was a common hairstyle in medieval times?
Danny McBride: Well, historical accuracies were very important to us in this film. We really wanted to make this an educational film and show kids that people back in the middle ages, when there were two moons, acted just like people do now. We really kind of were modeling that haircut off Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. That was what we were kind of going for with that haircut.
CraveOnline:  So it was the 1480s?
Danny McBride: Yes, yes, they rocked the Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon haircut back then.
CraveOnline: James, the level of your prolific work has been so well known, they even spoofed it on SNL.
James Franco: Not very well though. That guy didn’t look like me at all.
CraveOnline: How do you feel about the public perception of your prolific work?
James Franco: Well, it’s hard. It’s out of my hands really. I really went to school for myself. Sometimes I forget that it’s actually not a public act. I’m there just to learn and better myself. That part of my life is not a performance but in some ways it kind of has become material for public discussion to the point where The New York Times is interviewing my teachers. But I don’t mind. I’m proud of everything I’m doing. So I don't know, it’s just that part of my life is a performance and I perform as a job and part of it’s kind of not, but what can you do? I can’t control the attention.
CraveOnline:  You’re directing films, acting in 3 or more a year and we keep hearing your name attached to things.
James Franco: Well, there’s also this phenomenon where people do like to announce movies that they think I’m doing that I’m not. I mean, somebody just doesn’t have the time to do all the movies that people claim that I’m going to do or I have acquired the rights to a lot of books that I love and I think it helps the writers to sell their books if they announce my attachment. But it doesn’t mean that I’m going to make the movies in the next year or two or three.
CraveOnline: Oz is one you’re actually attached to, right?
James Franco: Yes, yes.
Crave Online: What do you like about taking that on?
James Franco: I love the idea of working with Sam again. Sam is a master of combining classic Hollywood character types and storylines and ideas and then matching that with innovative technology. So I really think he’s going to build an incredible world, but a world where we have room to play characters and have fun.