The First Trailer For The ‘I Am Heath Ledger’ Doco Has Arrived, So Get Ready To Bawl

Our hearts can't take it :'(

Emmy Mackby Emmy Mack

Get a box of Kleenex handy, because the first trailer for new doco I Am Heath Ledger has arrived to break your heart into a million tiny pieces.

Spike TV / Network Entertainment’s tribute to the legendary Aussie actor, who died in 2008 at just 28 years of age (has it really been NINE YEARS ALREADY?!), has been built around footage and home movies which Ledger shot before his astronomical rise to superstardom, and reflects on the huge impact that he made on the world prior to his untimely death from prescription pills.

It also features interviews with Heath’s friends and family, including fellow homegrown acting icon Ben Mendelsohn and director Ang Lee.

The most emotionally gouging thing of all is realising all of the incredible things that Ledger could have gone on to accomplish — as both an actor and director — had his death not robbed us all of the prospect.

I Am Heath Ledger premieres at the Tribecca Film Festival this month and will air on Spike TV in the US on May 17th. Fingers crossed for an Aussie release soon after.

UPDATE: Here’s when I Am Heath Ledger will be released in Australia.