Mysterious ‘Twin Peaks’ Posters Are Popping Up All Over The Damn Country

Guerrilla marketing at its finest.

Emmy Mackby Emmy Mack

The forthcoming reboot of hit crime-drama Twin Peaks is already shrouded in mystery: the plot is basically completely unknown.

Literally all we know so far is that the new series was written and exec-produced by original creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, and may or may not pick up 25 years after the people of a sleepy US town were stunned by the shocking murder of their homecoming queen, Laura Palmer.

Now, more than a month out from the show’s May 21st premiere on Showtime, mysterious teaser posters are popping up all over Australia. Australia!

‘Missing’ posters portraying the murdered prom queen and ‘Wanted’ posters portraying her apparent killer are being spotted plastered on walls from Sydney to Melbourne to Perth, prompting viewers to call a mysterious telephone hotline for information.

SPOILER ALERT: doing so plays the Twin Peaks theme song #genius

Regardless of whether or not you were a fan of the OG series, this is definitely guerrilla marketing at its finest.

Colour. Us. Hyped.