Exclusive Preview | ‘Justice League/Power Rangers’ # 1

There's big trouble ahead for the Power Rangers, but the world's greatest heroes of the Justice League may be able to help in the crossover event of 2017!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

We’re only nine days into the new year, but the crossover event of 2017 is already here! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Justice League are about to collide. However, the greatest heroes of two worlds will soon have much bigger problems than each other. Writer Tom Taylor and artist Stephen Byrne have put together an epic tale that will feature villains from both universes. And as you’ll soon see, it’s the Power Rangers who have suffered the first blow!

CraveOnline is proud to present an exclusive preview for Justice League/Power Rangers # 1, which finds the original “teenagers with attitude” at their darkest moment before the most iconic superhero of them all offers a few much needed words of solace.

Justice League Power Rangers 1 page 1 Justice League Power Rangers 1 page 2 Justice League Power Rangers 1 page 3 Justice League Power Rangers 1 page 4 Justice League Power Rangers 1 page 5 Justice League Power Rangers 1 cover

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Here’s DC’s solicitation text for the issue.

Two of comics greatest teams team up for the very first time! Something terrible has happened in Angel Grove! When the Command Center is breached and the teleporters are damaged, Zack is flung into another universe, where he’s mistaken for a villain by a mysterious masked vigilante. Can the other Power Rangers get to their friend in time to save him from Batman? Co-published with BOOM! Studios.

Justice League/Power Rangers # 1 will be released on Wednesday, January 11 in comic stores everywhere. To see the rest of the covers for this issue, click over to the next page!

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Photo Credit: All images provided by DC Comics and Boom! Studios.