This Parody Ad Perfectly Sums Up The Recent Centrelink “Shitstorm”

The government's been hard at work with their IDGAF algorithm.

Sam Murphyby Sam Murphy

Centrelink have released an ad finally explaining exactly what’s going on with the whole automated debt recovery¬†“shitstorm”. Sort Of.

The Juice Media have put together a parody advertisement which puts out in far more honest terms that Centrelink could, exactly what is going on at the moment.

Starting before Christmas, Centrelink’s automated system is using information from tax returns and comparing it to what people told Centrelink they earned, which has resulted in thousands of people getting sent letters that say they owe money back to Centrelink.

There have, however, been numerous claims that people have been unfairly targeted and to make things worse the lines at Centrelink are clogged leaving many people, some sick, unable to rectify their situation.

This parody ad explains that Centrelink has introduced an “IDGAF algorithm” which has resulted in 1 in 5 people receiving the letter when they didn’t even owe any money.

“We knew this,” the brilliantly sarcastic lady in the ad says.

“We just thought it would be more fun for you to prove yourself innocent. It’s not like you bludgers have anything better to do.”

It also advices you all that Centrelink has decided to target the “vulnerable” like low-income mothers instead of “Billionaires who stash their money in corporate tax havens”.

It’s the most honest and accurate ad we’ve seen from the government in a long time and scarily, it may be the most informative on this whole debacle yet.