Here’s The Truth Behind That Aussie Music Show’s Super-Awks NYE Countdown

Don't believe everything you see on 'The Loop'.

Tom Williamsby Tom Williams

A host from Channel 11‘s music show ‘The Loop’ has finally revealed the truth behind that super-awkward New Year’s Eve countdown which went (slightly) viral this week, and it turns out the whole thing was just a big joke.

In an interview on ‘Studio 10’ this morning, ‘The Loop’ host Scott Tweedie said it was all in the name of “fun”.

“We were on holidays, so we prerecorded a week beforehand. So we decided, ‘There’s gonna by fireworks on on another network and people will be out partying.’ So the people who are watching our show and our regular ‘Loop’ viewers – let’s have a little fun with them,” he explained.

“So we decided instead of doing the greatest countdown ever, ‘How can we make this as awkward as possible?'”

Tweedie said the countdown crowd weren’t “competition winners” as was previously stated on the show, but were actually just some of his friends who were told to be as deadpan as possible for the entire segment.

“Our regular viewers of ‘The Loop’, they knew 100 per cent that it was a stitch up,” he added. Watch his full interview below, and the original awkward AF segment right here.