This Lib Spill & ‘House Of Cards’ Mashup Is Pure Perfection

'Parliament House Of Cards' has us yearning for more.

Tom Williamsby Tom Williams

It was bound to happen, and now it finally has — someone has created a mashup of the Lib spill which saw Malcolm Turnbull become Prime Minister with some symbolically similar moments from the world of Frank Underwood in House Of Cards.

The mashup (below) is called ‘Parliament House Of Cards: Turnbull Rising’, and was created by Ace Alderman. Here’s how Alderman describes the video:

“Malcolm Turnbull attempts a grand assassination to get the top job in this political thriller. Manipulation, leaks, political assassinations, ascension to Prime Ministership; this season has it all. Kinda like last season.”

‘Parliament House Of Cards: Turnbull Rising’ is so perfect it comes complete with timelapse footage of Canberra, the House Of Cards theme song, and some cheeky title credits. There’s also an awkward Tony Abbott press conference and, of course, his tragic demise, which comes in the form of THAT car left running inside a locked garage. It’s pretty dark, but it’s also pretty genius.

What’s more, Prime Minister Turnbull has even been asked to swing by The White House the next time he’s in town.

Enjoy ‘Parliament House Of Cards: Turnbull Rising’ in full, below, and for more political parodies, check out these Malcolm Turnbull parody accounts.