T.G.I.M.! #136

Getting you set for the week ahead.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

College Bowl season is just around the corner and even though I couldn't name half of the what seems like millions of bowls, all I really need to know is this; at least it's football! With Christmas and the new year almost upon us, our time for a smorgasbord  of  football is fast coming to a close so I recommend you find any game you can and latch onto it.

Also starting this week is the NBA preseason and while the games don't matter, it's still great to see our professional ball handlers back on the court. As a final blessing to our sports palette, we are being given an NFL game on Saturday night, giving us four nights a week to veg out to the NFL!

All in all, this is going to be yet another great week of sports to keep us sane while the shopping bills continue to rack up.



(NFL) St. Louis at Seattle 8:30 pm ESPN



(NCAABB) Central Michigan at Minnesota 9 pm ESPN



(NCAABB) Cincinnati at Wright State 7 pm ESPN2

(NCAABB) Florida International at Maryland 7:30 pm ESPN2

(NCAABB) Tennessee at Charleston 9 pm ESPN2



(NFL) Jacksonville at Atlanta 8:20 pm NFL



(NBA) Chicago at Indiana 7 pm (station TBA)

(NBA) Cleveland at Detroit 7:30 pm (TBA)



(NCAABB) Ohio State No. 2 at South Carolina 12 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Memphis at No 4 Louisville 4 pm CBS

(NFL) Dallas at Tampa Bay 8:20 pm NFL

(NCAAFB) Temple vs Wyoming 2 pm ESPN

(NCAAFB) Ohio vs Utah St. 5:30 pm ESPN

(NCAAFB) San Diego State vs Louisiana-Lafayette  9 pm ESPN



(NFL) New England at Denver 4:15 pm CBS

(NFL) Baltimore at San Diego 8:20 pm NBC