7 WTF Basketball Courts

If there’s one thing stranger than the lockout, it’s these courts!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

When is basketball going to come back? The absence of a season has created this weird, round-with-tiny-little-bumps-shaped hole in the lives of b-ball fans. While we wait impatiently, here are some of the oddest courts from around the world. Looking at these, I don’t know whether I want to slam a ball or scratch my head:



Until you’ve dunked on a Bigfoot, you’ve never really played basketball. [via]


USS Carl Vinson

After the game, all the college students on the aircraft carrier were shipped off to Afghanistan by mistake. Oops! [via]


Munich, Germany

The hills are alive… with the slams of Munich… [via]


Matterhorn Ride, Disneyland

Simba might be shooting free throws right above you, and you wouldn’t even know it. [via, 2]


Hipster City

I hope it’s at least a regulation pot. [via]


The Middle of Nowhere

Movie Trivia: Did you know Coyote and Roadrunner practiced on this court to prepare for their roles in 1996’s Space Jam? [via]


A Classy Place

The best way to express your feelings about the lockout.


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