The ‘Avo-latte’ Is Now A Thing And You Can Get One In Melbourne

What a time to be alive.

Emmy Mackby Emmy Mack

Melbourne’s hipster spec has hit critical mass with the advent of the Avo-latte, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Now millennials can finally have their avocado and drink their coffee too without suicide-bombing their finances, with the ingenious culinary invention that combines the generation’s love of coffee with their obsession with smashed avo.

Truman Cafe in Melbourne’s Albert Park actually spawned the coffee served in an avocado skin as a joke, but social media quickly caught wind and turned it into a full on craze.

“It’s definitely not for real. It’s a joke. I think it says more about other people that this is being taken seriously,” manager Jaydin Nathan tells SBS.

“I was just trying to play a prank on the kitchenhand and I put his coffee in an apple, and then I was like, ‘hey, hold on a second Melbourne loves avo’. I put it in an avocado, and someone was there to film it, and then it just picked up on Instagram and stuff from there.”

He reckons it wasn’t intended as a troll on recent headlines about millennials frittering their cash away on pricey smashed avo instead of saving for a house deposit, but social media has cottoned on anyway (as it does).