Christmas Has Arrived Early, Yowies Are Coming Back To Australia

After 10 years, they're coming back.

Sam Murphyby Sam Murphy

We went on to high alert when news surfaced that our favourite chocolate critters Yowies were starting to pop back up in the US but you can sound the alarm because they’re going back into production in Australia.

Today Tonight is reporting that those who are eager to buy Yowies in Australia once again will be able to do so “shortly” with the product proving to be popular in the US.

The chocolate treats were pulled from the shelves 10 years ago for reasons incomprehensible to most sane people but it seemed people missed spending their time putting together finger-sized toys while nibbling on chocolate because, well, we’re still talking about them in 2016.

The reason they’re coming back is actually because a former mining engineer Wayne Loxton was offered an opportunity after a failed Mongolian coal deal. And we’re not really sure how that eventuated but we’re not about to question our hero.

Yowie’s most recent quarterly sales hit $5 million USD and it’s guilt-free too. They use sustainable ingredients and feature endangered species inside of them.

This story also features a Perth man named Ray who collected every single Yowie that was released between 1997 and 2007, including a gold rare Yowie. He’s understandably freaking out that they’re back.

No word yet on when they’ll be on the shelves but please be soon.